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European Neighborhood Policy (ENP)

Within the framework of the European Neighborhood Policy (ENP), there is an Action Plan (ENP AP) in force between Georgia and the EU, which defines the set goals in different cooperation areas. Even though the Action Plan was envisaged for the years 2006-2011, it was prolonged indefinitely until new action plan is agreed between Georgia and the EU.

The ENP AP issues within the MIA competence are:

  • Capacity building in the Integrated Border Management area, strengthening inter-agency and international cooperation;
  • Continuous training of law-enforcement officials;
  • Fight against terrorism, organized crime and cooperation with the relevant authorities of the EU member states in this regard;
  • Strengthening regional cooperation, ensuring participation in the cooperation initiatives, including with regards to border management topics;
  • Cooperation with the law-enforcement authorities of the EU and international organizations.