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The North-Atlantic Treaty Organization membership represents one of the principal key priorities of the foreign and security policy of Georgia. In 2002, at the NATO Prague Summit Georgia officially declared its aspiration for the NATO membership and expressed a commitment to participate in a new programme - Individual Partnership Action Plan (IPAP). On October 29, 2004, Georgia was the very first country with whom NATO launched cooperation within the IPAP format.

Since 2016, in order to further strengthen Georgia's integration to NATO, along with IPAP, the alliance has launched the cooperation with Georgia within the framework of Intensified Dialogue on Membership Issues (ID).

On April 3, 2008, during the Bucharest Summit, the Alliance decided its decision that Georgia would become a member of NATO, which denotes an open commitment taken by the Allies.

Against the Georgian-Russian war of August 2008, the alliance initiated establishment of the NATO-Georgia Commission (NGC) and enhancement of cooperation with Georgia within the mentioned framework. The Commission was officially created during the North Atlantic Council's (NAC) visit in Georgia on September 15, 2008. The objective of the Commission is to coordinate the support of Georgia's allies and the decision on Georgia's membership in NATO made at the Bucharest Summit.