112Unified Emergency Number

126General Inspection

2 41 42 42Unified Service Center of Patrol Police

12 72
2 41 91 91Service Agency

Ongoing projects

1. Action on Cybercrime for Cyber Resilience in the Eastern Partnership Region (CyberEast)

2.Fight against Discrimination, Hate Crimes and Hate Speech in Georgia

3.Supporting the Criminal Justice Reforms-Tackling Criminal Aspects of the Judicial Reform

4.Promoting an Integrated Approach to End Violence against Women and Enhancing Gender Equality in Georgia

5.Juvenile and Adult Detainees Support (JADES)

6.EU Project on Technical Assistance to Support the Fight against Organised Crime

7.Sustaining Border Management and Migration Governance in Georgia (SBMMG)

8.ENIGMMA 2 – Sustaining Migration Management in Georgia

9.Forced Return Monitoring III (FReM III)

10.EU4 Security, Accountability and Fight against Crime in Georgia (SAFE) – Integrated Border Management” (SAFE IBM)


12.EU Action against Drugs & Organized Crime

13.Support to advancing technical capacities for ensuring human security (SATCEHS)

14.Prevention, Preparedness and Response to Natural and Man-made Disasters in Eastern Partnership Countries – Phase 3 (PPRD East 3)

15.Training and Operational Partnership against Organized Crime

16.Fighting Organized Crime in the Eastern Partnership Region

17.Reducing the risk of climate-driven disasters in Georgia

18.Supporting the Unified Service Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to Strengthen its Organizational Capacity for Improved Public Service Delivery

19.Community Policing Initiative in Minority Regions of Georgia (CPI)

20.Schools, Community & Police Engagement (SCOPE)

21.Enhancing Migrant’s Rights and Good Governance in Armenia and Georgia (EMERGE)

22.Transfer of Lithuania knowledge and experience for climate change mitigation by integrating solar power technologies in Georgia

23.Strengthen the Capabilities of Security and Law Enforcement Officials on the Administrative Lines of the Georgian Conflict Territories of Abkhazia and so-called South Ossetia

24.Equipment for EMS Training Center

25.Fire Fighting Equipment for the Emergency Management Service of Georgia

26.The Development Project of the Coast Guard Department

27.Infrastructure Project of the Land Border Protection Department

28.Prevention of Forest Fires in Borjomi Municipality

29.Joint Action to Combat Trafficking in Persons in Georgia (IACTA)