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Donor Coordination

Project Management Division of the International Relations Department proactively works with partner organizations and countries, to attract donor assistance and thus to contribute to the institutional development of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The responsibilities of the division include conducting the needs analysis of the Ministry, participating in the development and implementation of strategic documents, coordinating projects funded by donor organizations and partner countries and attracting additional donor assistance from international sources. Thus, the work of the division contributes to the development of various departments of the Ministry and fulfillment of obligations undertaken by international agreements.

Within the framework of cooperation with international organizations and partner countries, a number of important projects and programs are being implemented which envisage the development of the Ministry's capabilities through sharing of best practices and renewal of equipment / infrastructure. The Division implements projects and programs in such important thematic areas as: Integrated border management; effective management of migration processes; effective investigation; crime prevention; cybercrime; fight against drugs; domestic violence; juvenile crime; organized crime; trafficking; gender-related issues and discrimination; public order; road Safety etc.