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EU Action against Drugs&Orginised Crime

Duration: 2017-2020

Budget: €12 million

Implemented by: International and Inero-American Fundation for Administrarion and Public Policies (FIIAPP, Spain) with partners”expertise France, National Crime Agency (UK) Carabinieri Corps (Italy).

The overall objective: project will build on lessons learnt from the Heroin Route Programme with the aim to reinforce the due process-compliant capacities of countries along the different variants of the so-called “Heroin-route” to better address drug-related organised crime.


  • National, regional and inter-regional training modules and mentoring cycles
  • Inter-agency and trans-national table-top exercises and mock operations
  • Facilitation of joint operations, investigations and control deliveries
  • Incorporation of human rights safeguards, oversight and anti-corruption modules