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Interagency Coordinating Council

Interagency Coordinating Council for Combating Organized Crime is formed in order to maintain and improve the results already achieved in the fight against organized crime, to enhance the existing mechanisms thereof. Measures falling within the competences of the Council are: updating National Strategy for Combating Organized Crime, elaborating and monitoring the implementation of a respective Action Plan of the National Strategy, coordinating interagency activities and elaborating respective proposals.

Composition of the Council is determined by the resolution of the Government of Georgia. The Council consists of the representatives from various governmental agencies. The Council is chaired by the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs.


The Reforms and Development Agency (Department) carries out the functions of the Secretariat of the Interagency Coordinating Council for Combating Organized Crime. It coordinates the activities performed within the framework of the Council. The Agency is responsible for organizing Council sessions, preparation of working materials and documents.

Working Groups

The four thematic working groups, consisting of the representatives of the Council member agencies, are established within the Interagency Coordinating Council for Combating Organized Crime. Working groups are formed in accordance to the following topics: combating “community of thieves in law” and other organized criminal groups, detection of stolen vehicles, combating cybercrime and the group on international cooperation.

The Reforms and Development Agency will coordinate activities of the working groups. The working groups will prepare relevant documents, reports, proposals regarding combating organized crime, with the aim of their submission to the Council.