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Supporting Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia to Fight Domestic Violence” The EU-funded Project

Project duration: 28 Months; 2015-2018

Financed by: European Union

Implementing Partners: MIA Academy

Project budget: 300 000 EUR

The main goal: To contribute to the Prevention of Domestic Violence and the Elimination of its Consequences in accordance with the Human Rights Strategy of Georgia, 2014-2020, Goal 14.

The main objectives:

  • Contribute to addressing Root Causes and changing Societal Attitudes
    • Reinforce Institutional Structures and Policy Coordination
    • Enhance the Effectiveness of stakeholder’s response.

The main activities:

  • Support the Ministry of Internal Affairs in establishing an Information Strategy that will take into consideration the specifics and culture of ethnic minorities and IDPs residing in different regions of Georgia
  • Support the MIA in elaborating and implementing of a multi-faceted nationwide Information Campaign on Domestic Violence. Including TV spots, radio PSAs, Elaboration and distribution of informative printed materials.
  • Support the Ministry of Internal Affairs to conduct thematic meetings in regions of Georgia with the involvement of local representatives of police, prosecutor/s office, social service agency, court and municipality in order to define competences and establish network.
  • Support the Ministry the Internal Affairs to organize the workshop/conference with involvement of stakeholders, with the aim to identify existing gaps on legislative and practical level.
  • Support Experience sharing of the best practises of other countries;
  • Support the Ministry to conduct researches and studies on Gender related issues
  • Ensure the quality research and access to the best European electronical analytical resources
  • Support to the MIA to enhance capacity to respond to the facts of Domestic Violence in Regions.
  • Deliver the training on the Legal mechanism against Domestic Violence in order to ensure common understanding and achieve and unified attitude among all stake holders
  • Support the Ministry of Internal Affairs with expertise by the EU MS expert in DV related various specific issues to ensure compliance with EU standards.