112Unified Emergency Number

126General Inspection

2 41 42 42ერთიანი მომსახურების ცენტრი

Useful Information

The employees of the Public Defender's Office conduct systematic monitoring of temporary detention isolators in order to detect any violations and to prevent them in future. It is noteworthy, that since 2005 the employees of the mentioned office have not yet detected any pressure, abuse or other illegal act towards detainees in the isolators, as well as any violation of the 72 hour detention period.


  • Lists of procedural rights for person detained as accused (Georgian, English, Russian, Azeri, Armenian) and lists of procedural rights for person detained with administrative charges (Georgian, English, Russian, Azeri, Armenian) are provided in all temporary detention isolators in 5 languages, which are displayed in the form of posters at visible places (at cells, rooms of investigation). The aforementioned lists of procedural rights are as well distributed to the persons placed in temporary detention isolators;
  • Since 2005 documentary and electronic registration data bases of detainees have been regulated, all isolators have been equipped with computers and with any other necessary equipment;
  • Each officer is dressed in appropriate police uniform while conducting his/her official duties, and each of them wears a badge representing his/her identification and photo on it;
  • Materials on persons placed in isolators with any physical injuries, who allegedly declare on infliction of these injuries by police officers at their detention and/or after detention at police units, are sent to respective investigative bodies for investigation;
  • First aid medical assistance is guaranteed for all detainees placed in temporary detention isolators free of charge and the expenses are covered by State;
  • Doctors conduct medical-prophylactic supervision of detainees during the period they spend in temporary detention isolators;
  • Each detainee is provided by a clean mattress and blanket, as well as shower;
  • Each detainee is provided by food every day (three times a day) with respective meal portions;
  • By the year of 2010 15 isolators will be entirely refurbished, and consequently 42 isolators in overall will be refurbished and equipped;
  • The Ministry of Internal Affairs guarantees an independent activity of isolators from any interference by other officials by exercising strict control on isolators.