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Enrolment to the Police Academy of MIA

Enrollment to the Police Academy:

1. Citizens of Georgia from the age of 18 till 35 shall be recruited to the Police service:
a) individuals who have personal and professional qualities, education, physical training and sufficient health state necessary for carrying out service obligations;
b) individuals who master official language.

The person due for call-up before and after the recruitment to the Police should go through special training program approved by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia.


The person due for call-up after the recruitment to the police service shall be conferred an ordinary junior special rank or he/she will maintain the previous special rank.

1.3. Continuous service in police for the period of 4 years of the person due for call-up shall be considered for obligatory military service.
1.4. Article 211 of the present Law defines the ways and terms of recruitment for obligatory military service or contractual service of the persons due for call-up.
2. To the military service of the Ministry shall be accepted the citizens who will go through the additional special examination.
3. In certain cases a person above the age of 35 can be recruited for the police service namely in case of consent of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia or consent of the relevantly authorized official.
4. In certain cases in spite of the age by labor agreement to the police service are recruited highly qualified specialists.
5. Below-listed persons are not recruited for the police service:
a) persons with previous convictions if such conviction is not expunged;

person who is the subject of criminal prosecution or is a prisoner;


persons who on the basis of the legal procedure is recognized to be incapable;


persons who are deprived by the court of the right to hold a specific position;


persons whose health condition according to the medical examination report does not meet the necessary requirement for the given position;


persons ill with alcoholism, drug addiction, toxicomania, mental or any other chronic diseases. The list of chronic diseases is mutually worked out by the Minister of Labor, Health and Social Defense and the Minister of Internal Affairs.


persons who after their appointment to a position become supervisors over their parents, spouse, sister, brother, children or sister, brother or parent of his/her spouse;


applicants for the citizenship of a foreign country, except the cases envisaged by the law or international treaty.