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Coast Guard

Coast Guard reform is one of the most successful reforms within the system of the MoIA. In the end of 2008 with the purpose of state resources expenditure optimization and according to the recommendations of different international experts the coast guard of military fleet and border police guard were merged, as a result Coast Guard of Georgia was established as a multifunctional marine service in charge for measures related to marine defense, border-police, organizational-legal, environmental, search-rescue and marine activity independently or in mutual cooperation with the agencies responsible for control over the marine legal regime, in case of war the Coast Guard implements the functions of navy.

The main action instrument is the State Border Management Strategy, which is based on the border integrated management model and aims at coordination and development of cooperation between the agencies engaged in border defense, border security maintenance, support international commerce and regional border cooperation.

Coast Guard closely cooperates with the State border defense subjects and the agencies in charge for control over marine legal regime of Georgia, also with state and local governmental organs of Georgia.
In spite of significant damage caused by Georgia-Russian war the coast guard infrastructure is fully rehabilitated; the floating means are modernized and operated; modern radar stations are operated and their coverage radius applies to the whole coast line of Georgia, territorial waters and exclusive economic zone.

With a purpose of further improvement of coast guard capacities cost guard system is constantly developed. It is planned to develop Poti and Batumi bases and coast guard radar stations` infrastructure, renovation of the existing floating means base, in particular modernization of some part of it and/or substitution with new one. Permanent retraining of the personnel is the issue of priority.

It is planned to establish the Marine Operations Joint Management Center with assistance of the friend states of Georgia. The Joint Management Center in its capacity of the mechanism of intradepartmental and inter-agency cooperation will support effective combat the threats existing in marine of Georgia.
The major task of the Center will be prevention, detection and erase of serious violations of marine legal regime, marine incidents and illegal actions that create threat to Georgia as well as to the whole region. The Center being the coordinator of joint marine operations will be established on the Coast Guard base and will be equipped with technologies and infrastructure of joint management, control, communication, marine surveillance.

With the assistance of donor countries the marine infrastructure, technical assistance and operational capacities are improved. Currently the repair shop is equipped with relevant machines and devices.


Construction of landing stages in radar stations as well as in Poti and Batumi bases; the mentioned will strengthen capacities of coast guard and the marine safety of the country in whole.


Training and retraining of personnel of coast guard is a continuous process. Personnel are trained in English language labs of Batumi and Poti with own resources, taking into consideration the navigation/marine specificity.
Further training of personnel should be accomplished in cooperation with the Police Academy and Batumi Marine Academy.
It should be emphasized that with assistance of the donor states the technical personnel of coast guard are retrained for obtaining qualification in logistics and electrician-technician fields.
It is planned to establish and develop the coast guard educational system, which will support training of professional personnel and permanent refresher trainings.