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126General Inspection

2 41 42 42Unified Service Center of Patrol Police

12 72
2 41 91 91Service Agency

Land Border

Within its competence the Land Border Defense Department ensures protection of green borders, maintains protection and control of legal regime applicable at the State border of Georgia, border line and border area. Structural units of the Land Border Defense.

Department are:
a) Border Defense and Control Division;
b) Border Police N1 Division (Batumi);
c) Border Police N2 Division (Akhaltsikhe);
Border Police N3 Division (Red Bridge);
e) Border Police N4 Division (Dedoplistskaro);
f) Border Police N5 Division (Lagodekhi);
g) Border Police N6 Division (Barisakho);
h) Border Police N7 Division (Kazbegi);
i) Border Police N8 Division (Java-Oni);
j) Border Police N9 Division (Mestia);
k) Border Police N10 Division (Zemo Abkhazeti).

Total length of the green State Border of Georgia amounts to 1839 km. From these the length of the area with:

Republic of Turkey - 275 km;
Republic of Armenia - 224 km;
Republic of Azerbaijan - 446 km;
Russian Federation - 894 km.

Note: General length of the State border may be changed by agreement between the state commissions of border delimitation and demarcation.