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Lectures Delivered by the Employees of The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia Across the Schools of Georgia

In March 2009, 48 police officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs passed training on the topics: `Minor and a Law`; `Minor and Bad Habits` and was implemented in two stages from April 8 until June 1throughout 185 schools of Georgia. 520 lectures were delivered in the process.
Survey conducted on the information obtained from various divisions showed that attendance was 80-85% at the first stage and the figure increased up to 85-90% at the second stage.
Schoolchildren showed interest in lectures while Q/A session carried on after the end of the lectures. Certain issued caused hot debates. Requests were made to conduct similar lectures on permanent basis or to introduce it as a separate subject. It is noteworthy that class attendance increased considerably in the course of lectures.
Primarily, the students showed their interest in visiting police stations and penitentiary facilities, better understanding of rights and responsibilities of minors, methods used in the fight against criminal, impact of gambling and the right of a person after having served a prison term. Some of them made a proposal to stiffen the measures against selling tobacco and alcohol to minors. Conversation also focused on raising the role of school, domestic violence and their root causes. Children were well disposed to police officers and some of them expressed their desire to carry on their studies at police academy.
In parallel to lectures, project - `A day with the Police Officer's Life` has been implemented. Children have visited police compounds and been introduced to the police officers way of life. All the participants stressed the merits of the project.