112Unified Emergency Number

126General Inspection

2 41 42 42Unified Service Center of Patrol Police

12 72
2 41 91 91Service Agency

Elaboration of Operational Manuals for MoIA Patrol Police Department

The project funded by International Organization for Migration (IOM) and US International Anti-narcotic and Law-enforcement Program Bureau (INL) was launched in 2009 and will be finished in 2010. The overall task of the project is support of reforms conducted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia.
The goals of the project envisage:
• Elaboration of guidelines which will be compatible with all laws and the orders of the Minister, effective methods and higher standard procedures which will be acknowledged as official policy and will be widely introduced in various departments;
• Improvement of public service by police officers;
Outcome envisaged by the project:
• Joint elaboration of elaboration of standard procedures, closer cooperation with IOM and INL;
• Development of manual procedures, creation of printed and electronic copies (up to 10 copies) compatible with international standards that will be altered-upgraded upon the demand of the agency ensuring with relevant information on existing procedures employees of various departments;
• Awareness raising of participants from MoIA Police Academy in development of standard procedures and instruction methodologies.