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Council Of Europe And European Union Joint Program: `Fight Against Ill-Treatment And Impunity`

Council of Europe and European Union joint program `Fight against Ill-treatment and Impunity` was launched on January 1 of the last year and will last until December 31 of the current year. The program along with other beneficiaries encompasses Georgia and regards complaints filed against police on effective investigation in case law of the European Court of Human Rights and Committee on Prevention of Torture of the Council of Europe to be operated in all member states of the Council of Europe in order to address all ill-treatment cases. Report on Georgia drafted by international experts is to be translated and published. Universal manuals of European standards on effective investigation of ill-treatment have also been elaborated which will be translated in local languages and published in all states participating in the joint program.
Police officers as well as judges and prosecutors will pass trainings on effective investigation of ill-treatment by European standards in 2010 within the joint Council of Europe/EU program on `the Fight against Ill-treatment and Impunity`.