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Child Referral System

Introduction of child referral system is a state policy supported by NGOs. The initiative envisions establishment of procedures needed for its implementation that will serve child's interests from any form of violence, premeditated or accidental injury.
In November 2007, Federation `Save the Children` - supported by USAID - set up the working group in order to adopt referral procedures for child protection. The document offers coordinated and mandatory referral procedural system in order to minimize the risk of violation of child safety, to simplify and swiftly identify the risk and assure effective involvement of experts directly and indirectly dealing with child referral system.
Child referral system model is fully compatible with 2008-2011 child action plan. Piloting referral system was conducted in eight cities of Georgia:
• Tbilisi;
• Batumi,
• Gori;
• Rustavi;
• Telavi;
• Kutaisi;
• Marneuli;
• Bolnisi.
Government agencies involved in child referral system:
• Ministry of Healthcare, Labour and Social Affairs
• Social Service Agency;
• Ministry of Education;
• Municipalities and local government agencies.
Non-governmental (international) organizations involved in child referral system at the initial stage:
• Save the Children;
• EvryChild;
• Terre de Hommes;
• World Vision