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Actions carried out by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia

Taking into account that cybercrime constitutes one of the main challenges for 21st century, in December 2012 Special Cybercrime Unit was established within the Central Criminal Police Department, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia (MIA). This Unit is responsible for detection, suppression and prevention of illegal activities committed in cyberspace.

Moreover, Special Subunit for Computer-Digital Forensics was created within system of MIA Forensics-Criminalistics Main Division that carries out functions of first handling and further forensics of digital evidences.

In June 2013 Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia elaborated Draft Strategy on Combatting Organized Crime that contains special chapter on combatting cybercrime. This strategy has its action plan that provides future actions and responsible state bodies for their implementation. This document has already presented to the Georgian Government for approval.

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has taken important steps in the sphere of seizing digital evidences. More precisely, MIA elaborated Standard Operational Procedures on Handling the Digital Evidences. These Procedures specifies types of those software programs and technical rules that are used while searching and seizing digital evidences. Currently, this document is in the process of interagency discussion.

Ministry of Internal Affairs pays utmost importance to the capacity building of its units responsible for combatting cybercrime. In that regard, MIA Academy elaborated training modules for national first responders and cybercrime police investigators. Training modules cover the following issues: cybercrime case studies, search and seizure of electronic evidence, legal aspects of cybercrime and types of cyber-attacks.