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Annual National Programme (ANP)

The Alliance intensified its cooperation with Georgia through the NATO-Georgia Commission in line with the decision made at the Meeting of NATO Foreign Affairs Ministers on December 2-3, 2008. Simultaneously, within the framework of the Commission drafting and reviewing process of the Annual National Programme (ANP) was launched. Pursuant to the NATO practice, the ANP was being implemented only by the states that are involved in MAP. It is noteworthy that Georgia was granted the opportunity to implement the ANP without a political decision on the MAP. Consequently, since 2008 Georgia has been implementing the ANP that has replaced the preceding cooperation format - IPAP.

The ANP offers the aspiring countries list of activities aiming at enhancement of their approximation with NATO Standards and integration to NATO. The ANP is an annual document and consists of five chapters:

  • Political and economic issues (chapter I);
  • Defense and military issues (chapter II);
  • Resource management issues (chapter III);
  • Security issues (chapter IV);
  • Legal issues (chapter V).

The ANP is annually assessed and updated. The document is approved at the State Commission of Georgia on NATO Integration meeting and is delivered to the NATO Headquarters. The presentation of self-assessment document by Georgian side is followed by a visit of the NATO Assessment Mission in autumn and the Mission assesses the preparation process of the document in November.

MIA successfully implements its commitments/obligations with NATO envisaged by the ANP, which implies the following directions:

  • Border Protection and Maritime Security;
  • Reform of the Central Criminal Police;
  • Development of the MIA ACADEMY;
  • Development of the Emergency Situations Management Agency;
  • Development of Human resources and infrastructure;
  • Protection of Human Rights;
  • Modernization of equipment, etc.