112Unified Emergency Number

126General Inspection

2 41 42 42Unified Service Center of Patrol Police

12 72
2 41 91 91Service Agency


Security Police Department offers to the interested persons protection of the objects by police force, it also offers combined protection using police and technical means. The last years practice showed that protection by technical means is the most acceptable method for population, it is the alarm system installed in the flats, offices, enterprises, commercial facilities. Protection of property by technical means is the most effective method throughout the world. Demand for this service is raising in Georgian annually.

Services of the Security Police:
- Protection of houses and country cottages;
- Protection of commercial facilities and offices;
- Protection of national treasury and valuable items;
- Protection of strategic facilities;
- Personal guard;
- Escorting of visitors, cargo and monetary assets;
- Events security;
- Monitoring of vehicles by GPS/GPRS system.

Security and escorting is implemented by the vehicles equipped with modern technique and firearms throughout the country; in particular the subject of security and escorting is the following:

- Security and escorting of money, fine metals and valuables;
- Security and escorting of VIP guests, delegations, private persons and tourist groups;
- Security and escorting museum exhibits, art samples as well as private collections;
- Security and escorting of narcotic, psychotropic, explosive, radioactive, chemical and other substances;
- Security and escorting of transiting transport, auto cades, agricultural cargo and oversized cargo.

Personal security - Security Police has years experience in providing the security for the citizens of Georgia and foreign countries.

GPS security - owner of a vehicle controls movement of the vehicle in a live regime, he/she manages the routes and schedules of the vehicle.

GPS user will be admitted to the following opportunities:
- Live monitoring of the location, speed, passed trajectory, time of movement, engine condition (on/off) of the vehicle;
- Availability to the route history according to a day, month and time of movement;
- Registration of maximal speed and the distance within the specific period;
- Seizure of statistics;
- Availability to the records history regarding the start of the movement and parking of a vehicle;
- Fuel control;
- Dispatcher’s functions optimization.