112Unified Emergency Number

126General Inspection

2 41 42 42Unified Service Center of Patrol Police

12 72
2 41 91 91Service Agency


Subway Patrol Police
Patrol Police employees carry out their duties in compliance with the legislation and statutory acts; their main duty, along with the subway personnel, is to observe subway rules, also prevent, avoid and reveal of all kind of violations. A major attention is focused on transferring of explosives and other prohibited items. Safety of transportation of the passengers is strictly protected.

Patrol Crew
Patrol crew, within its competence is committed to:
prevent and respond to crimes and administrative offences. When the perpetrator is caught red-handed relevant measures are taken against him; render assistance to victims; identify crime witnesses, protects a crime scene, implements investigative measures envisaged by the criminal procedure legislation; renders assistance to victims during the assault, disaster, and in other cases; presents offenders to the units of Internal Affairs; brings homeless or stray children to the relevant agency; calls in family or neighborhood conflicts and draws appropriate documents up; supervises traffic rules, and in cases envisaged by the legislation regulates traffic, primary attention during the supervision of traffic is drawn on violations which are preconditions of traffic accidents; in case of traffic accidents, identifies the driver escaped from the crime scene.
In the last period with the purpose of prevention of crime and relevant response on it the number of patrol crews is increased (by 30% in Tbilisi). Mtskheta-Mtianeti unit was established that raised the level of its efficiency. The patrol police service area is expanded. The patrol police services became available to the regions which had no access to such services before, in particular in Kakheti region Chalaubani-Dedoplistskaro direction is fully supervised. Number of crews is increased by 45% in Samegrelo.

Foot Patrol
Foot Patrol within its competence implements prevention and elimination of offences and administrative violations of the law. It controls traffic on the overlade crossroads, reacts to the infringements committed by the pedestrians, ensures control of the traffic on the places of wrecking as well as on the places of public festivals. Foot Patrol brings to a stop the vehicles which are announced to be detained or other means of transport, as well as vehicles concealed from the places of road accidents. Foot Patrol reacts to the following infringements: park and stop of the vehicles in the area of the prohibiting road sign. On the places of road and other accidents Foot Patrol implements relevant activities in order to provide medical aid and evacuate people, participates in transportation of damaged means of transport and protects property left without supervision. With the purpose of protection of the life and health of the citizens temporarily constrains and prohibits them from possible movement and meeting on certain places and objects.

Border Checkpoints
One of the major tasks of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is prevention and exposure of illegal actions at the state border of Georgia, border line and border zone.

Functioning of the border checkpoints of Georgia is fully tailored with the best international experience, it is designed on the basis of unimodal approach that significantly assists to secure and organized movement of cargo and passengers on the state border.

All checkpoints are equipped with radiation detectors which absolutely exclude smuggling of radioactive substances; the checkpoints are also equipped with the modern devices for inspection and registration of travel documents as well as with the relevant software which ensure immediate verification of physical persons within the real time through the central database of the MIA. All border checkpoints are equipped with the so called travel documents secondary inspection laboratories which enables detection of any forged document at the state border without additional expertise.

Border-Migration checkpoints:
Kulevi Port
Poti Port
Batumi Port
Batumi Airport
Tbilisi Airport
Kutaisi Airport
Red Bridge
Gardabani Railway
Sadakhlo Railway