112Unified Emergency Number

126General Inspection

2 41 42 42Unified Service Center of Patrol Police

12 72
2 41 91 91Service Agency


Major Trends of the activity of the Department:

- Implementation of legal and organizational-technical measures to regulate the road traffic;

- Restriction or suspension of the road traffic in compliance with the basis and the rules envisaged by the
legislation of Georgia;

- Protection of public order in the places of car accidents, disasters, fires, natural calamities and other emergency situations;

- Carry out the relevant measures to prevent and avoid traffic accidents;

- Protection of state border regime at the border checkpoints, inspection of the civilians at the border checkpoints, also fulfillment of the other requirements envisaged by the legislation on migration and the legal status of foreigners;

- Prevention and exposure of the crime or any illegal action as well as conduct of investigational activities over the illegal actions revealed at the border checkpoints;

- Conduct of operational-searching activities in order to prevention and expose crimes or illegal actions;

- Proceedings of administrative violations exposed at the border checkpoints;

- Patrol police is authorized to issue Georgian visas at the border checkpoints.

Department of Patrol Police is the structural subunit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia which within the scopes of its competence discharges the functions of public order protection, maintains security of the road traffic participants and supervises process of traffic rules observation. At the border checkpoints the patrol police ensures protection of the state border regime; implements operational-searching activities, conducts investigation and fulfills other powers envisaged by the legislation of Georgia.