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PH International (Third Stage Of The Program)

In spring 2008 international organization, PH-International, made a proposal on legal education program to the Ministry of Education and Science and Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia funded by US International Bureau on Anti-Drug and Law Enforcement Cooperation.

Pilot program for promoting cooperation between the representatives of law enforcement agencies and education institution succeeded. The pilot program commenced in January 2009 lasted for two months.

Two manuals have been developed within the project: one for students and the other for teachers and law-enforcers. Legal culture program has been established as a study program combined within civilian education. Such approach has not increased the curriculum rather it has strengthened the training effectiveness of the issues, which is concurring with civilian education program and with the current program envisaged for 9th grade students.

Legal development program has demonstrated the importance legal culture for our youth and involvement of law-enforcers in it.

'Legal Development Program' has been resumed in 40 public schools of Georgia with the onset of 2010 study calendar. The project envisions teaching of 'legal culture' for the selected children from 9th grade. Schoolteachers and law-enforcers are involved in the study process. The lessons are interactive and contains role games and is aimed at awareness raising of the children about their rights and responsibilities in areas like law and justice.

It is of note that this year the project envisions introduction of the 'legal culture' for regions inhabited by ethnic minorities to their native language.

Tbilisi - 14 public schools; Rustavi - 7; Kutaisi - 3; Batumi -6; Marneuli - 4; Akhalkalaki - 3; Ninotsminda - 3.

The program aside from class sessions also contains cultural activities with the involvement of law-enforcers.