112Unified Emergency Number

126General Inspection

2 41 42 42Unified Service Center of Patrol Police

12 72
2 41 91 91Service Agency

About the Ministry

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia is law enforcement agencyof the country. Its main goals are to reduce the number of offences, ensure the safe living environment for the public and protecthuman rights in compliance with the democratic standards.In order to achieve thesegoals, the Ministry’s main tasksinclude crime prevention, effective response thereto, provision of the quality service and close, trust-basedcooperation with the society. The Ministry carries out its duties in accordance withthe law, democratic standards and ethical norms.

The activities of the Ministry of Internal Affairsare based on the principles of fairness, humanity, justice, publicity, transparency, protection of honor and dignity of a human person.The Ministry also acknowledges that the public confidence and respect can only be achievedthroughethical and humanebehavior.

Nowadays, the Ministry implements its activities basedonthe new vision and approaches. Instead ofthepoliticized Agency,it has been transformed into the independent, impartial and community-oriented law enforcement organization. With the purpose to institutionalize the policy-making and the planning process, to implement the reforms, the Strategy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has been elaborated. As a result, the previous practice has been replaced with the approach of permanent needs assessment, analysis,and the rational use of the resources.

The Ministry closely cooperates with the society.It takes active steps for informing the public and engaging the latter in its ongoing activities, which in turn are based on publicity and transparency. The citizens are able to receive public information available at the Ministry.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs is oriented at the society and its needs. Its activities are regarded as the provision of the service to the public based on accountability before the citizens and the respect for human rights.